Akuray Renewable Technologies Services

Akuray provides Repair, Refurbishment and Manufacturing Services to the Renewable Technologies Market

Renewable Technologies Services

Renewable Technologies Services
  • Building on repair and refurbishment capability of complex electronic devices.
  • Emphasis on quality, turn-around and traceability through a ¬†specialist tracking system.
  • Invested in a team with Renewable Energy repair knowledge and experience Services
  • Repair and Refurbishment of Low, Medium and High Power Parts
  • End of Life Parts

Akuray as a Repair supplier

Akuray as a Repair supplier
  • Electrical, electromechanical engineering and technological expertise
  • Team with experience in renewables
  • Competitive offerings
  • ISO Certified: ISO 9001, ISO 13485
  • WEEE & RoHS compliant