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Electronics is one of the main reasons for downtime in wind Turbines. It is often necessary to replace key Electronic components. The components within these parts naturally degenerate over time and will eventually fail. Most operators will just simply replace the whole component with a new part.

We however offer an economical solution to such parts, a reliable alternative to new spare parts, we refurbish electronic components. Our refurbishment will decrease the mean time between failures (MTBF) which is a major issue in the industry. Repair and refurbishment services

Our Test Development Team


Our Specialised Test Development team are experts in the repair refurbishment and upgrades of these Electronic components. We carry out extensive tests, evaluation and analysis of each part and our dedicated team uses this information to further develop and improve each component. Our Test Development team look extensively at our extensive test analysis, we then proactively replace affected components with higher performance components.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to significantly increase the service life and longevity of these Electronic components within each Wind Turbine by using improved design, modern technologies and upgrades that will lead to long term cost savings.

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Thyristor Module

Repair Solution for Thyristor Modules, Repair and refurbishment services

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The Thyristor Module is used in the Wind Turbine to provide an accurate power factor correction and voltage level adjustment function plus over current protection. When the unit fails it can take the unit off-line. It also has the effect of damaging capacitors and overloading the transformer.  This will result in an expensive downstream service event to replace the transformer. 

Akuray offers a repair solution that replaces the defective components and also pro-actively replaces key components that frequently fail in these modules. In this way further repairs are avoided and the life of the module is extended.

Key tests include:

· High Current Thyristor Switching

  - 3-phase AC supply

  - 5 KW load assemblies

  - Akuray switching module

· Thermostat verification

· Cooling system verification

· Alarm verification 

Akuray offers a two week turn-around from receipt of defective units and are subject to incoming inspection at our facility for catastrophic failures which cannot be repaired. 

We provide a 12 month warranty on repaired product for components repaired, subject to our standard terms and conditions.

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List repair price is €1,400 per unit, volume discounts will apply.

Please send your inquiry to or Tel: +353 1 848 6112

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