This statement sets out Akurays Environmental-Footprint Strategy and how we seek to deliver against it.
We recognize our responsibility to help protect our Global Community and are committed to minimizing the impact our company has on the Environment and supporting those who are working towards a Circular Economy.
Akuray supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Akurays Environmental-Footprint Strategy seeks to address working towards a Circular Economy Model to reduce our carbon emissions and waste across our entire operation as we strive to continually strengthen our environmental practices.
We will comply with all applicable Environmental Laws and Regulations.


Sustainability is about protecting our Global Community.
With our Refurbishment Practices, we contribute to meet Climate Change and Sustainability Needs.
In Akuray, Repair and Refurbishment is an important process as a more Sustainable Solution than buying new parts.
Akuray refurbishes and also rebuilds units with a view to increasing the Mean Time Between Failures and extending the life of the unit.


We are committed to reducing waste across our Manufacturing processes.
  • We aim to reduce waste generation at the source and seek to minimize the waste we send to landfill.
  • We promote reuse and recycling, as well as the use of supplies that are recycled and recyclable. Specifically, we aim to reduce our consumption of packaging, reduce the use of paper and recycle where possible.
  • We encourage our offices to drive initiatives to reduce waste, including sorting and recycling materials, use of paperless control process, reducing food waste, and running recycling campaigns.